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SparkED is a youth leadership programme that empowers young people to take their future into their own hands, being a leader within themselves and in the wider community. Our aim is to provide second level students with valuable life skills that are applicable in third-level education and the world of work.

SparkED was traditionally conducted through in person workshops teaching leadership, teamwork, organisation, cv and presentation skills. However, we now present a virtual sparked programme.

Students will be able to complete interactive workshops on this platform, in which you will learn a variety of new skills, expand your horizons and receive feedback from some of our top partners. We have expanded our programme and hope to help guide our students with their career aspirations. We will use our contacts to help you make the right choices about your future. Within this section, we will provide you with an abundance of useful guides, resources and contact points in order to help with the CAO process and your futures in general. We hope to give a fresh, student perspective on life after secondary school. We will offer up our experiences of life in college, alternatives to university and much more. We look forward to utilising the added benefits of our online approach while also maintaining the benefits students received from previous years. After students have completed the workshops we plan to hold a Virtual Showcase Day, to showcase their talents and skills that they have learnt.

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