Our Guide to the SparkED Programme

Your step by step guide to navigating the SparkED programme:

Our Workshops are our main attraction ✨

  • There are six workshops in total and we recommend completing them in order 
  • They include a combination of videos, questions, interactive activities and external resources
  • The interactive activities will help you to engage in our program and gain valuable feedback from our Team and our Business Partners, it is however not mandatory to do in order to complete the program, but we highly recommend participating so that you get the most out of your experience
  • Your CV can be submitted to us at SparkED so we can provide you with valuable feedback (Instructions on how to submit it are included in the workshop)

Our additional resources section, also known as the ‘Career Guidance’ section 💡

  • This is just an extra section we’ve added for you to access any resources that we believe can help you prepare for your future and give you a valuable insight into other student’s experiences.

If you have any Questions or Queries?

Navigate to the ‘Forum’ page and use this platform to private message the team here at SparkED (or click on the link below).

Private Message the SparkED Team

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